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This is my Purpose and this is my Passion. I have been blessed to do what I love and that’s being a MOM. I have been asked many times how I do it all and not lose my mind. My only reply is because I’m HAPPY. A Good Mom is a Happy Mom. You have to find your purpose and your passion. I became a mother at the very young age of 22 and even though I may not have thought I was ready, the mother gene immediately kicked in and I knew this was my passion. We didn’t waste much time and our family grew to four beautiful children, but I knew I hadn’t reached my purpose. I had so much more love to give and that was the gift of giving back. As I grow and continue to learn, I would love to share what I have picked up the past 11 years of being a mom.

My Mommy Tips range from the must haves in Baby Gear, personal stories of my breastfeeding nightmares, advice on ways to prep your pre-teen for a doctors visit, to the best way to get rid of the mommy mustache. As I lay in bed at night and my brain can’t go to sleep, I find myself thinking about scheduling the kids’ after school activities to when I’m getting my roots done. I still don’t have the answer to the question I get constantly “how do you do it all?” I do know that as crazy as my life may be I am truly happy. From one mom to another, I urge you to ask yourself “Is there any accomplishment, hobby, career or even just going to the gym for some me time needed in your life?” If so, DO IT! Your happiness shows through your parenting.

I hope my support and stories make mommyhood a wee less stressful. Together we can make sure you find and maintain your HAPPY!



24 Mar 2017

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14 Mar 2017

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11 Mar 2017

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5 Mar 2016

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Help your kid to eat healthy at all costs!


Always choose to have time for bonding with the kids!


It’s alright if storms are upon you, for they’ll teach you lots about how to sail your ship.


All women should be feminists if this quote is the definition of what it means to be a feminist.

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