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It’s Not Easy Being A Super Mom

WRITTEN BY Amber Sabathia

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What Lies Underneath the Cape

I have claimed many times that there is no difference between being Wonder Woman and being a mom. We take on so many tasks that only a superhero could complete them all. Its the hardest job, raising an individual and hoping they grow to be the best person they can be. Adding in running a business, being a wife and taking time for yourself is what makes up a Super Mom.

Last year, I realized I was doing it all except taking time for myself so I decided to form a charity team to run the New York City Marathon. After running I knew that there was no task I couldn’t complete. I ran 26.2 miles all while holding down a household of four children, my business and making sure I had time for a husband, who has a very demanding schedule.

The race was Nov. 2, literally two days after Halloween. I had to make sure the traditional Sabathia’s Halloween “Pit Stop” was ready for the local trick-or-treaters (we get close to 1,000 kids stopping by) and we all had our costumes on! The next day, after cleaning up our Frozenthemed home, I packed up my family to stay overnight in New York City so I could run the next day.

My husband was waiting for me at the finish line with a cape. I knew I could wear it proudly! Mission complete. I had been able to handle the hardest job of being a mom, wife, business woman and taking the time for myself!


I have yet to find myself catching a bug and being able to call out. Moms don’t get sick days because we are what makes the day run smoothly. If we clock out then who’s there to pick up the slack. I would love to be given a set amount of days to lie in my bed and detach myself from work, just as our children do when they get the flu. We smother them with lots of love, serve chicken soup, and dress them in cozy pajamas.

Once they are cared back to health we find ourselves exhausted, behind on housework, and the next in line for the bug…but we don’t get the same care. We have to keep pushing through. I’ll never forget last year when the good ol’ 24-hour stomach bug reached our home and each child spent a day throwing up, with mommy cleaning up the mess. On day number four, after taking care of the last child, my stomach began to rumble. I knew what was coming at 11 p.m. It seemed to hit me just in time to sleep next to the toilet and be up at 6 a.m. to complete my son’s costume for his class dress-up day in pre-K. There was no change of plans and the day had to go on.


Every superhero has an arch nemesis. For Superman, it’s Kryptonite. For moms, it’s the holidays. At this time of the year I have found myself overly stressed, frustrated and emotional. As a mom, we are planning the holiday festivities not only for our household, but also the whole family. If you’re hosting the celebration, your planning begins weeks before the day.

Figuring out the menu, decorations, what each child will wear and the gifting list must be checked off. Many of us spend endless hours preparing for a holiday we don’t enjoy because we’re so busy making sure everyone else is having a good time. It doesn’t end with the family gatherings; we have work parties, friend parties and the kids’ school events. I have to always remind myself to take a moment for myself.

This is where being a super mom kicks in and the most important step in maintaining that role…mommy time! Take a spa day, movie date alone or yoga class to decompress all the stress that the holidays bring. You can tell yourself you’re gifting yourself this holiday season with mommy time! Best gift you will ever get!

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